Bipolar voltage detector

Mod. VTBR-3/36 Mod. VBD-3/36
Bipolar voltage detector Bipolar voltage detector with OLED screen – Optical & Acoustic
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Bipolar voltage detector with high impedance probes for MV networks and optical signalling of voltage presence. It works with no battery. External checking device with battery included. Supplied with carrying bag to store and transport the equipment. Manufactured according to IEC 61481 standard. Bipolar voltage detector with digital display OLED to be used in MV netwoorks. Internal and external use in dry environment. Voltage range: from 3 to 36 kV AC. Automatic start-up when voltage is detected. Auto turn-off to standby mode after two minutes WITHOUT VOLTAGE DETECTION. In this mode consumption is less than 1?A. Doble indication of concordance-discordance by LED lights, reading on digital display, and high acoustic pressure buzzer. Removable antenna. Power supply: 9v alkaline battery, type 6LR61. Functionalities: Phase comparator Fuse tester Voltage meter (True RMS) Network analizer Displaying of Labor Statistics Menu languages: English – Spanish – French
 Mod. VTBR-3/36

  • Voltage range: from 3 to 36 kV AC
  • Optical indication via LED
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Indoor use
 Mod. VBD-3/36

  • Rated voltage: from 3 to 36 kV AC
  • LED optical indication
  • Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz AC
  • Type: resistive
  • S class with extension of the contact electrode
  • Climatic category N, climatic conditions for use and storage, temperature from -25°C to +55°C, and humidity from 20 to 96%
  • Indoor and outdoor use in dry environment
  • Length of wire: 2 m

Accessories VBD check and 45° angle antenna not included.

VBD-CHECK_300X300 ANTENA_VBD-3_36_300X300