First aid

Mod. SZ-01 Mod. SZ-02 Mod. SZ-56
Artificial respiration pipette Standard resuscitator Insulating shoes
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Air conduct to carry out artificial respiration, avoiding direct contact between the injured person and the attending person. Portable resuscitator designed to be used in emergency situations. It provides pulmonary ventilation for those people whose respiratory function is deteriorated. Includes transparent mask with pneumatic edge and connection for oxygen. It is supplied with a carrying bag. A pair of overshoes made of insulating material to move around the accident area with insulation from the floor. Up to 1000 V.
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First aid kit First aid kit Stretcher
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Material included. Box which contains the necessary items for first aid. Material included. Box which contains the necessary items for first aid. 180×55 cm canvas stretcher with metal bars that can be taken apart into three parts. Folded 70x10x10 cm. Supplied with carrying bag.
Mod. SZ
Fire-resistant blankets
Fire-resistant blankets made of flameproof fabric based on fiberglass wich is coated both sides with special high temperature resistant silicone. Immediate use device. It stands up to temperatures of 1100°C for more than 15 min. Especially efficient where fire extinguishers use in inadvisable. Supplied in a rigid red color plastic case. According to UNE-EN-1869:97