D-TUERI Personal Voltage Detector AIRCLIMB The lightest and safest climber CRC Crimping of copper Mod. CRC T-240 Crimping of copper cable lug Mod. T
TBF-240 Crimping bimetallic lug TBF TDC/A Crimping of bimetallic TDC/A TDC/S Crimping of bimetallic TDC/S TTG-240 Crimping of Mod. TTG (shear head bolt)
TTGA-240 Crimping of bimetallic TTGA (shear head bolt) TBF-185 Tensile testing bimetallic lug TBF TTG-95 Ageing test Mof. TTG HPS-130-H3 Manual hydraulic crimping tool
TDC/S KIT Sleeve mounting
TDC/S-150 model