Omnidirectional electric field personal voltage detector for personal use
It can be placed directly inside the helmet or outside with the protector accessory


Over the past years, and due to the increasing number of deadly accidents, the main electrical companies all over the world have requested a product which is capable of protecting their operators while performing their day-to-day tasks. Unlike other personal detectors available on the market, D-Tueri is an omnidirectional detector which provides safety from any position. When the operator comes close to an electrical field comprised between 10 kV – 66 kV and exceeds an approximate distance of 1 metre for 10 kV and 3 metres for 66 kV, the detector sounds an alarm to inform the operator that he has entered a danger zone. While the operator remains close to the power source, the alarm continues to sound.

Intelligent distance adjusting system By means of an accelerometer, the device is capable of calculating the approximation speed to a power point and deciding the alarm distance based on the user’s capacity of reaction.


This accessory allows the use of the detector outside the helmet and also serves as a protection against dust, water (IP 64), weather conditions, falls or blows.




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