We proudly present our SCF/OPT solar power optimiser 

This device reduces potential losses in photovoltaic installations, as may be caused by shadows or obstacles on a roof, and maximises efficiency.
The power optimiser is placed on each panel, and is capable of optimising the maximum power point of each panel. It maximises and optimises DC power before sending it to the inverter.
Se encarga de maximizar y optimizar la energía en continua antes de enviarla al inversor.

  • Can be adapted for all photovoltaic panels.

  • Increases the overall efficiency of the installation because it detects the point of maximum power per panel regardless of external climatic factors or problems caused by shadows or obstacles.

  • Capable of detecting and disconnecting malfunctioning panels.

  • Prevents energy losses caused by power differences between panels. • Low maintenance costs.

  • Bajo coste de mantenimiento.

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