The importance of a good grounding in photovoltaic structures

Ensuring an installation has a good earthing connection protects people and electronic devices against leakage currents. All the metal parts of the supporting structure of photovoltaic installations must be earthed, even those that are separated by non-conductive materials and not in direct contact. 

It is important that the protective earthing conductor is not screwed directly to the panel frame, but fixed by means of an auxiliary terminal/clamp. This allows each module to be removed (in case of fault, maintenance, etc.) without interrupting the earthing connection of the rest of the installation.

The clamps that guarantee optimal grounding in photovoltaic installations
The clamps, which are made of aluminium and stainless steel, are ideal for correctly connecting the anodised aluminium frames of solar panels to the earthing system. 
The SCF-GC clamp prevents galvanic and environmental corrosion and can be adjusted to the frame of the module.
  • By using an M8 bolt fitted in the hole in the frame specifically intended for earthing (usually indicated by the earthing symbol).

  • By fixing it to the rail on the frame, either as a way to attach the earthing cable or to connect to the earthing system.

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