635 Tester PD

Low voltage detector - Optical & Acoustic

A two-pole voltage tester with phase discriminator, optical signal by LEDs when presence of voltage and continuity test.


Technical Details TESTER PD
Display: optical 12 LEDs
Operating panel: finger tip / RCD button
Measurement range: automatic range
Voltage range: 6 - 1000V AC/DC, 0 - 400Hz
Continuity test: 0 - 50k with acoustical signal
Phase indication: > 100V AC
Switchable load: Is ~ 30mA ED(DT) = 30 sec.
Power supply: 2x 1.5V
Overload category: CAT IV 1000V
Dimension: 238x70x30mm
Protection: IP 65
Weight: 200 g
Colour: red
Includes: 2 batteries type AAA LR03
Supplies, optional: bag
Total length of the cable: 110cm

3 years manufacturer’s warranty.
According to EN 61243-3 standard.

Ref. 354