662 PATL-MPS/9510 - 1
662 PATL-MPS/9510 - 2
662 PATL-MPS/9510 - 3
662 PATL-MPS/9510 - 4

662 PATL-MPS/9510

High voltage overhead lines


Earthing and short-circuit equipment for high overhead lines.
The main aim for its installation is operator’s protection against an accidental commissioning or possible voltage return during repair operations with the control of the manipulation of all the components of the equipment through independent keys, thus preventing third parties from manipulating safety.


The clamps can be fixed to cylindrical conductors, flat bars or flexible distribution bars or fixing points by means of screw tightening. Short-circuit current 31.5kA (Cable 120mm2).

Perform the entire maneuver with a single pole.


  • 1. Earthing lathe lock
  • 2. clamp lock
  • 3. Key recovery
  • 4. Repeat until you have all three phases set and locked

Composed of:

  • 3 MPS aluminum alloy clamps with screw tighten for cylindrical conductors with a diameter between 4 and 75 mm; flat bars of max. 80mm and bars flexible distribution of max. 80 mm
  • 3 copper cables with PVC insulation of 95 mm2 section and 10 m length.
  • 1 special pole of 2.3 m with key mechanism.
  • 3 earthing lathes with key lock.
  • 3 independently coded keys.
  • 3 latch.
  • 3 bags to store and transport the equipment.
  • 1 bag to store and transport the pole.

Ref. 485
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