Le laboratoire

The SOFAMEL laboratory offers its clients the possibility of providing fast response to growing demands in relation to performing tests and developing new products. The investment policy for new equipment, technically qualified personnel and calibrations grants us autonomy and dynamism in order to meet our clients’ requirements.

In addition, our R&D+i process Management system is certified by AENOR, based on the UNE 166002 standard.



1.- Test for verifying dielectric rigidity of an insulating element which is part of some of our products. Thanks to this, we can determine, for example: the test voltage, working voltage, perforation voltage, test for checking the ground leakage, etc…

We check the insulating characteristics of products such as: dielectric carpets, benches, vinyl materials, insulating poles, gloves, etc… All of which are essential products for guaranteeing the worker’s protection during tasks involving electric hazards.

2.- Electric resistance check tests, for example to verify correct assembly and good state of preservation of the Earthed and short-circuit equipment units.
3.- Electric ageing test on connection products: by means of automated heating/cooling circuit, based on IEC 61238 standard.
4.- Resistance test for detecting deterioration and corrosion in SALINE MIST, useful for assessing the quality and uniformity of protection coverings.
5.- Resistance test for detecting resistance to fire and smoke emission of materials with flame retardant elements, called  Glow wire test.
6.- Tests for determining voltage thresholds in our Voltage Detectors, thanks to our High voltage transformer.
7.- Mechanical traction/compression tests, using our horizontal  Dynamometer for determining breaking loads, elongation, deformation levels, etc… of materials.

8.- Load bearing and stability capacity tests, for examples in insulating Benches.

9.- Flexion and torsion tests on insulating poles. 


For performing all of these tests and other specific ones which our clients may requires, as well as for developing new products, we have equipment such as:

  • Dielectric rigidity testers
  • High voltage transformer
  • Saline mist chamber
  • Horizontal dynamometer
  • Dynamometric keys
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Equipment for Glow Wire Test
  • Equipment for simulating thermal ageing of connections
  • Resistance Tester for Earthed Equipment
  • Fatigue Tester for Earthed Equipment.
  • As well as specific computer programmes for 3D design for developing new products which constantly innovate in the field of electrical and connection-related safety.