Producing e-methanol from green hydrogen is an emerging technology in the biofuel industry. E-methanol is produced by the electrolysis of water, a process that uses electricity to separate oxygen and hydrogen. The hydrogen obtained is combined with carbon dioxide (CO2) to produce methanol. This process is sustainable because the energy used to produce the hydrogen is renewable and the CO2 is recycled to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

The Spanish SME pioneering sustainability     
The Nascar Project, led by the Almeria-based company Innde CTAER, will produce 7,000 tonnes/year of green hydrogen, which will be used to produce 36,500 tonnes of e-methanol. This, in turn, will be used as biofuel for methods of transport, thus helping to decarbonise transport and achieve sustainable mobility.   
The initiative will receive a €15 billion grant from Next Generation funds. 

Made in Spain talent
The project is also notable for its social impact in the province of Almeria. According to its developers, the project is expected to generate approximately 500 indirect jobs. At Sofamel we applaud the Innde CTAER venture and recognise Spanish industry’s potential to help in the fight against climate change: many companies have created stand-out sustainable initiatives or lead large decarbonisation projects. A cleaner future is underway! 

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