Discover SYNCRO, the revolutionary wireless voltage detector

Awarded at the #CEPYME Awards 2023!

5 golden rules to avoid electrical risks

Head torch, LTE CP400

LTE-FM400, Multifunction torch with magnet

D Tueri, personal voltage detector

ERLAIN, earthing equipment

PATL-MPS/9510, sequential equipment

POWERLIGHT, electronic voltage detector

D-TUERI Usage instructions

D-WATCH Personal Detector

NEW D-TUERI Personal Detector

AIRCLIMB The lightest and safest climber

CRC Crimping of copper Mod. CRC


CRC Crimping of copper cable lug Mod. T


TBF-240 Crimping bimetallic lug TBF

TDC/A Crimping of bimetallic TDC/A

TDC/S Crimping of bimetallic TDC/S

TTG-240 Crimping of Mod. TTG (shear head bolt)

TTGA-240 Crimping of bimetallic TTGA (shear head bolt)

TBF-185 Tensile testing bimetallic lug TBF

TTG-95 Ageing test Mof. TTG

HPS-130-H3 Manual hydraulic crimping tool

TDC/S KIT Sleeve mounting TDC/S-150 model