Yes, electric cars are the future. However, there are still some problems that need to be solved before more users decide to make the change to e-mobility. The main factor influencing the decision to buy an electric car is their range. Electric vehicles currently have a range of around 300km and an average recharging time of between 5 and 8 hours. Having become accustomed to the convenience offered by fuel powered cars, this problem poses a threat to the electric car. 
A desire to solve this issue has led to the creation of StoreDot, a startup that is pioneering the development of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. Here are all the details!

100in5 batteries

Extending the range of electric batteries is becoming increasingly expensive and drastically increases vehicle costs. As a result, the Israeli company StoreDot has tried to turn the problem around and find another solution: increasing battery charging speed
The company has developed high-speed batteries capable of charging enough electricity to provide 160 km of range in 5 minutes. The system is based on XFC Flash Battery technology, which allows the battery cells to regenerate while in use. This technology uses an electro-chemical silicon system in place of graphite, which provides improved safety. 
This new technological breakthrough is just around the corner, with its creators expecting mass production of these batteries to be available in 2024. 

A step closer to sustainable mobility 

One of the challenges the European Union has set itself in order to reduce greenhouse gases is the decarbonisation of the automotive industry: fuel powered cars are one of the main sources of pollution, especially in large cities. Every small step forward in this sector is an opportunity to bring society closer to more sustainable mobility.
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