The technological advances in renewable energy never cease to amaze us! When searching for solutions to the challenges brought by climate change and environmental preservation, integrating technology and sustainability is key. In today’s world, it is necessary to address these two issues together in order to reduce carbon emissions and promote a cleaner and more sustainable environment. In this post, we will explore the latest in agrovoltaics: the Brite Solar initiative.


What is agrovoltaics?

Agrovoltaics is an innovative practice that combines farming and the generation of solar power using photovoltaic panels. Installing solar panels on agricultural land instead of areas dedicated exclusively to solar energy production makes more efficient use of the land and maximises its yield.  

The Impact of Brite Solar

The Greek company Brite Solar has launched an innovative initiative for farmers. The idea uses transparent solar panels that are capable of absorbing solar energy on both sides, which make them an ideal solution for canopies and greenhouses.

These solar panels integrate three essential features that guarantee exceptional performance. 
  • Transparent design: light is allowed to pass through the structure and so plant growth (photosynthesis) is unaffected.
  • Silicon cells: these silicon cells are connected together to form a solar module or panel that can capture sunlight and convert it into electricity. The effective combination of these cells is essential for optimal solar energy production.
  • Glass coating: a glass coating on the panels has the ability to repel water, which is beneficial in agricultural environments where moisture can cause problems, as it helps keep the panels clean and free of water.

Agriculture is a pillar of the economy and developing innovative technologies such as this is essential in order to improve efficiency and performance in this key sector. With solutions such as transparent two-sided solar panels, agriculture can benefit not only from renewable energy generation, but also from significant improvements in productivity. Continued investment in research into sustainable technologies is crucial to ensure a prosperous and sustainable future for both agriculture and the environment.


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