The key to achieving the energy transition is developing new technologies that advance and maximise clean energy from natural sources.  
One of the latest breakthroughs in this sector is the use of solar windows: a glass panel capable of converting the windows in any building into photovoltaic panels. Here are all the details. 

What are solar windows? 

Solar windows are transparent panels that incorporate a technology knows as a Luminescent Solar Concentrator, a device that captures ultraviolet and infrared rays. This radiation is transported to the edges of the area, where photovoltaic cells convert it into energy. The energy generated can be stored in a battery or transmitted directly to a device. 
This technology can be integrated into any building and infrastructure with no visual impact or the need for a large surface area. Glass in the façades can be used to generate solar energy, which can be used to power technological devices or appliances.  

Benefits of solar windows 
•    The technology incorporated in solar windows helps regulate the temperature inside the building. 
•    There is no visual impact. As the glass is completely transparent, the building’s aesthetics are unaltered. 
•    The panels can generate electricity from artificial light inside the building. 
•    They can be installed in any building that has windows.

In the future, it is envisaged that this technology could be applied to the glass in any device screen or vehicle. 
As solar windows are expected to be able to generate 50 times more energy than solar panels, this technological breakthrough brings us a step closer to self-sufficient homes and buildings. 
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