Once again, we have an opportunity to present a new technological development in the field of renewable energy. Here is a device that will complement current renewable generators and allow wind energy to be produced in a more versatile and economical way. 

The tech startup
Vortex Bladeless has developed a windmill with no blades, gears or shafts: a radical new way of generating wind energy that aims to bring wind power to the self-consumption market. 


How does a bladeless turbine work?   

The Vortex device consists of a mast that oscillates gently in the wind, generating energy as it moves. Air passes through the circular structure, creating vortexes, i.e. spiral-shaped air flows. A physical process called vortex shedding converts the kinetic energy of the air into electrical energy. 


Advantages of Vortex wind turbines 

The main drawbacks of current wind energy systems are, on the one hand, the visual impact they have on the landscape and biodiversity (especially on bird conservation), and on the other hand, the large infrastructure requirements, which entail high installation costs. 
The new Vortex turbines mitigate these problems. 

     The bladeless structure does not damage wildlife.  

      There is less wear and maintenance than with traditional windmills. 

     The structure has a smaller footprint, which allows wind power generators to be installed in more areas, such as urban or protected areas

Although this new technology is still under development, it has great potential as an alternative and/or complement to existing renewable energy infrastructures. This breakthrough could undoubtedly offer a wind energy alternative, whether for personal use or large-scale generation.  


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