In recent articles we have looked at different technological advances in the field of environmental sustainability, aimed at generating green energy. Today we'll talk about a new perspective in the fight against the environmental crisis: A Programme for Earth 2023. 

The climate crisis has become unsustainable and now is the time to act. We have reached a tipping point and there is only one possible choice: to move forward. Faced with this prospect, the main environmental organisations in Spain have decided to lead the way to a brighter and more equal future. 


A Programme for Earth 2023

Led by Friends of the Earth, Ecologistas en Acción, Greenpeace, SEO/Birdlife and WWF, this programme includes 23 areas of action and more than 100 measures to solve the problems caused by the climate crisis. It covers the following themes: 
  • Nature conservation.
  • Combating climate change.
  • Promoting a democratic and sustainable economy. 
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle. 

The main objective of the programme is to ensure that the next legislature focuses on the ecological transition by calling on politicians to act immediately and come to the defence of the environment. 
In conclusion, the environmental crisis demands a comprehensive response that encompasses everything from a social shift to economic and environmental change. This initiative represents a global approach to change that looks to reverse the current climate emergency. 
Find out more about this initiative and become part of the change the world needs! 
Download it below: 
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