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These devices, designed to facilitate electrical safety testing, offer a wide power range and convenient one-handed operation, marking a milestone in efficiency and safety in the field of electricity.


With a CAT IV safety rating of 1000 V, our testers are ideal for a wide range of applications, from photovoltaic systems to hybrid or electric vehicles. Additionally, the BVD-1500 model incorporates complex True RMS algorithms, making them indispensable tools for electricians, maintenance technicians, and electrical industry professionals in general.

Quick and Accurate Results
Our testers are equipped with large and practical buttons, bright backlighting, and physical and audible indicators designed to ensure easy reading in any work situation.

Robust and Durable Design
Built to last, our testers feature a high-capacity molded case, thicker cables with wear indicators, sturdy battery holders, and high-strength probe protectors. They come with IP65 protection.

Superior Ergonomics
With an ergonomic design, they fit perfectly in the hand, even when wearing gloves. Additionally, the probes attach quickly and securely for greater comfort and safety.

In summary, the combination of innovation, safety, and ease of use makes the BVD-1000 and BVD-1500 invaluable additions to any electrical toolkit.

Bipolar Tester - Optical and Acoustic

This tester includes AC/DC voltage testing (including AC three-phase voltage), three-phase AC phase sequence indication, RCD testing, continuity testing, simple voltage detection without battery supply, overvoltage indication, and low voltage indication, among others. The flashlight provides convenience for using the tester in dark environments.

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Bipolar Tester - Optical and Acoustic

This tester's capability extends up to 1200 AC/1500 DC, covering voltage testing in both alternating and direct current, including three-phase voltage in alternating current. Additionally, it offers phase sequence indication in three-phase alternating current systems, residual current device (RCD) testing, electrical continuity, voltage detection without the need for battery power, as well as overvoltage and low voltage alerts, among other functions. The integrated flashlight provides convenient illumination for using the tester in dark environments.

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