Your ally in everyday measurements

In the world of electronics and electricity, having reliable and easy-to-use tools is essential.
A simple multimeter emerges as a valuable option for those seeking an effective and uncomplicated solution for their measurement needs.


1. Accessibility
Its intuitive design and functions make it an ideal tool for both professionals and beginners.

2. Versatile measurement
Offering a versatile range of measurements, from voltages and currents to resistance and continuity, the DM-600 gives you the essential functions to tackle a variety of everyday tasks.

3. Portability and ease of use
Its compact size and light weight make it easy to take anywhere. Perfect for home projects, car maintenance or any situation where electrical parameters are required to be measured quickly and accurately. The simple interface ensures a hassle-free user experience.

4. Ideal for learning environments
Its simplified design allows students to focus on fundamental measurement concepts without becoming overwhelmed with unnecessary advanced features.

5. Economic
Compared to other models, the DM-600 multimeter is an economical option without sacrificing quality.

In summary, the DM-600 multimeter stands out for its ease of use, versatility and accessibility. Whether you are a professional looking for a quick solution or an amateur who is taking their first steps in the world of electricity, this basic device can be your trusted ally in any project. 

Discover our basic multimeter!

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