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585 MA

Insulating blanket


Insulating blanket made of high quality resistant rubber. Used to protect workers from low voltage electrical hazards.
The blanket is a bright colour so it can be easily identified and seen by the operator in the work area.
These blankets are category AZ, which means they are certified to be resistant to acids (Category A), ozone present in electrical equipment (Category Z)-

Base: Vulcanized elastomer
Minimum tensile strength: 12 MPa
Elongation at break: 300%.
Hardness: 60 Sh A
Mechanical resistance to perforation
Flame retardant
Aging tests
Low temperature bending test

The length of the blankets can be customised according to the customers’ requests (maximum 20 m).
Conforms to IEC 61112:2009: Live working - Electrical insulating mats.

Ref. 527
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