650 PV0/6 - 1
650 PV0/6 - 2
650 PV0/6 - 3

650 PV0/6

Low and medium voltage voltmeter pole / Optical & Acoustic


Bipolar voltage detector with digital display OLED to be used in MV networks.
Internal and external use in dry environment.
Voltage range: from 0KV to 6KV AC.
Auto turn-off to standby mode after two minutes WITHOUT VOLTAGE DETECTION. In this mode consumption is less than 1μA.
Double indication of concordance-discordance by LED lights, reading on digital display.
Removable antenna.
Power supply: 9v alkaline battery, type 6LR61.

Phase comparator.
Voltage meter (True RMS)


Mod. PV0/6

  • Rated voltage: from 0 to 6kV AC
  • LED optical indication
  • Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz AC
  • Type: resistive
  • S class with extension of the contact electrode.
  • Climatic category N, climatic conditions for use and storage, temperature from -25°C to +55°C, and humidity from 20 to 96%.
  • Indoor and outdoor use in dry environment.
  • Supplied with metallic box.

Consult for other frequencies.

Ref. 458
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