i33 PP-230 - 1
i33 PP-230 - 2
i33 PP-230 - 3

i33 PP-230

Quick connector to a hydraulic drive

Hydraulic head with quick connection to a hydraulic drive with a maximum pressure of 700 bar.
Interchangeable dies.
Tool holder briefcase included.
To use PP-230 Head with the same dies as the 130 KN tools, it is required the adapter AD230-130.


Available dies

U13-K Copper and aluminium cable lugs and butt-connectors by hexagonal compression

  • Up to 630 mm² copper
  • Up to 400 mm² aluminium

U13-S/PZ Copper cable lugs and butt-connectors and pin terminals by punching compression

  • Up to 300 mm² copper

U13-DC/DA Copper and aluminium. Compression clamps by circular compression

  • Copper: Main up to 185 mm² and tap up to 95 mm²
  • Aluminium: Main up to 300 mm² and tap up to 70 mm²
Ref. 160