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565 ARMOUR-2

Safety helmet


Class 2 – BOX TEST 7 kA/0,5 s.
EN 166; GS-ET-29


Electrically Insulating Helmet with Integrated Face Shield.
Extended protection against arc flash, class 2 according to BOX TEST, 7 kA/0,5 s.
EN166, GS-ET-29.


Improved visibility with reflective stickers.
Manufacturing Date and Utilization Date permanently marked.
Smooth Head Circumference Adjustment, range 53-63 cm.
Electrical Class E (20kV AC) according to ANSI Z89.1.
Electrical Class 0 (1000 V AC/1500 V DC) according to EN 50365.
Compliance with ANSI Z89.1; EN 397; EN 50365 standards.


Full face, chin and neck protection against thermal hazards caused by electric arc flash.
Premium class anti-fog and anti-scratch protection.
Easy to wear with eyeglasses.
Protection against electric arc (class 2 - BOX test 7 kA/0,5 s.).
Compliance with standards: EN 166; GS-ET-29.


4-point strap recommended for working at height.
Quick clasp - easy operation with protective gloves.


Ref. 471
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