Earthing equipment for overhead lines, easy to use for only one operator that besides facilitates the verification of absence of tension with a voltage detector (not included).
Thanks to the operation sections of the metal pole,
it has multiple length adjustments.

According to IEC 61230 standard.


Composed of:

  • 3 telescopic metal poles composed of 3 or 4 parts with self-locking contact fixed clamp for conductors with diameter between 3 and 22 mm.
  • 1 fiberglass + Epoxy resin and polyurethane foam filled insulating pole with 3 sections of 1.72 + 1.65 + 1.63 m; certified by the IEC 60855 Standard.Total length: 5 m (has the option of using it without the middle section with a remaining total length of 3.4 m)
  • 1 pole lift
  • 1 coil with 3 copper cables of 35 mm2 section and 10 m length
  • 1 galvanized steel earthing rod with hexagonal section of 1 m
  • 1 carrying bag
Ref. 295