526 EF/M - 1
526 EF/M - 2
526 EF/M - 3
526 EF/M - 4

526 EF/M

Combined fibreglass ladder

  • Rails and rungs entirely in fibreglass.
  • Ladder with different possible applications, such as scissor, extendable in two separate sections.
  • Features two locking spreader tapes between the two sections of the ladder to prevent it opening up when used in scissor format.
  • With top wheels for ease of movement.
  • Solid rungs for those most susceptible to wear and tear, increasing ladder’s durability (first section of base part and last section of extendable part).
  • Rung marked in red as per EN-131 standard to indicate highest rung limit and not for use.
  • EN 131
    UNE-EN 50528
    UNE-EN 61478, electrical insulation tested between rungs - 100 kV standard.
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