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531 SGM

Composite insulated gloves

Composite insulated gloves provide electrical, mechanical and arc-flash protection, and as such do not need to be combined with any other kind of glove with mechanical protection.

The Composite glove range is made using a natural latex base covered by an outer layer of polychloroprene, combining mechanical resistance and comfort with a high level of protection.

Arc flash protection: the glove material has excellent properties in the event of a short circuit in the electric arc.

AVAILABLE IN SIZES: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12



Average tensile strength: ≥16 MPa
Average elongation at break: ≥600%
Tension set: ≤15%

Complementary test and performance levels to be achieved are as follows:
Resistance to cutting: > 20 mm and 5N, according to ISO13997
Resistance to abrasion: ≥0,05 mg/t
Tearing resistance to: >25 N (equivalent to level 2 according to EN 388)
Resistamce to penetration: >60 N (equivalent to level 2 according to EN 388)
Resistance to very low temperatures: Conditioning of the gloves for 24 hours at -40 ºC. ± 3ºC.
Flame-retardant test: Application of a flame for 10 seconds at a finger tip.

Class 2 arc flash protection, tested at 400V, 0.5s - 7 kA

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