i30 AP130-C - 1
i30 AP130-C - 2
i30 AP130-C - 3

i30 AP130-C

Electrohydraulic tool

Portable electrohydraulic tool with rechargeable battery and C type head.
360° rotary head with quick opening.
Two speeds: one fast to approach and one slow to crimp.
Incorporates safety valve that limits the maximum pressure by means of an audible discharge.
Quick return by discharge trigger.
Includes tool holder briefcase.


Available dies

U13-K Copper and aluminium cable lugs and butt-connectors by hexagonal compression

  • Up to 400 mm² copper
  • Up to 240 mm² aluminium

U13-S/PZ Copper cable lugs and butt-connectors and pin terminals by punching compression

  • Up to 300 mm² copper

U13-DC/DA Copper and aluminium. Compression clamps by circular compression

  • Copper: Main up to 185 mm² and tap up to 95 mm²
  • Aluminium: Main up to 300 mm² and tap up to 70 mm²
Ref. 152