The Renewable Sector in Spain Celebrates a New Success! In previous posts we have talked about the country’s commitment to renewable energy and how this has contributed to reducing the carbon footprint. Today we are going to tell you about a new milestone in this sector: the day Spain produced more than 100% of its electricity demand with renewable energy. Read on to find out all about it!

Spain has achieved a milestone in
renewable energy. Recently, during a period of nine hours, we generated more green energy in this country than we needed, even on a normal, full working day. This was made possible by the meteorological conditions on a sunny and windy day.

Green energy is not only good for the planet, it also reduces electricity prices when temperatures are high. This motivates us to invest in energy storage and switch to cleaner options for transport, industry and heating.

Key drivers for the energy transformation 

•    General Electrification: Electrification at all levels and in all sectors, taking advantage of our sunny climate to produce clean, competitive energy.
•    Efficient Energy Management: Energy in buildings and structures will need to be upgraded using microgrid technology.
•    Investing in New Technologies: We will change the way we financially support emerging technologies, such as energy storage.
•    Storage Roll-out: Storing energy will not just be something used in large electricity grids, but something we do in our homes, helping us gain energy independence.
•    Changing Payment Methods: In the future there will be changes to the compensation received for energy produced at home.

Finally, it is key that everyone - from the producers of green energy, to those who run the grid, to us consumers - needs to work together to achieve a cleaner and more sustainable electricity system in Spain.

We are in the perfect position to be leaders in renewable energy and build a greener future!!
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