At Sofamel we have a wide range of electrical connectors and terminals. To choose an electrical connector or terminal we need to know the type and cross-section of the cable to which the connector will fixed. The diameters of solid Class 2 copper conductors differ from those of flexible Class 5 or Class 6 copper conductors. This information can be found in UNE EN 60228.

Doubts when choosing terminals/connectors:
  • Operating temperature: the working temperature of our connectors is 90°C, as specified in IEC 61238.
  • Max. Current: in amperes (A).
    A terminal is designed to withstand at least the current carried by the conductor.
    UNE 211022:2016 states “The highest value of current is determined by the ampacity of the cable installed in the accessory”.
  • Working Voltage: In volts (V).
    According to IEC 61238, the voltage classifications are as follows: low voltage connectors (up to 1000 V) and medium voltage connectors (up to 36 kV).
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