Have you heard of the superconductor LK-99? Although research of this compound is still in the experimental stage, if it is confirmed as a superconductor, it will be a technological breakthrough that will change the world. Read on to find all the details! 

First of all, let us explain a little more about superconductors. Superconductivity is a phenomenon in which electrical resistance vanishes in certain materials, allowing electric current to flow unhindered. Currently, this can only be achieved at extremely low temperatures, with the help of liquid helium (a very expensive system). The phenomenon can also be achieved at room temperature, but requires very high pressures. 


Photo: Hyun-Tak Kim

What is the superconductor LK-99? 

The superconductor LK-99 is a material that is capable of transmitting energy with no resistance at ambient temperature and pressure, thus solving the main problem of all currently known superconductors. It was created at the Quantum Energy Research Centre in South Korea, a laboratory staffed by leading scientists and researchers in the field. 

LK-99 will be able to carry 200 times more current than conventional copper wire at a much lower cost. What is more, the new superconductor can be used to store energy, which would be very useful for renewable energies.  

Scientists still need to carry out some more tests before the superconductor LK-99 becomes a reality and can be used in many different sectors, allowing the effects of this invention to be seen in our daily lives.  As soon as we know more details, we will tell you everything in our blog!  


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