Why is using it so important?

Earthing connection is one of the principal methods of protecting electrical installations and those working on them as it provides a path for dangerous electrical voltage to reach earth. Ground meters measure the grounding resistance when it is installed and during maintenance operations, which must be carried out at least once a year when the ground is drier.
The Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulations (REBT) require a ground resistance meter in both the basic and specialist categories.

The cutting-edge ground resistance meter is a high-quality device that can measure resistance up to 4000 Ω and offers excellent performance. The large digital LCD display and backlight make it easy for users to read the information on the LCD screen. Furthermore, the IER-4000 can handle as many as 100 measurement data sets, which are stored even in the case of a power outage, making it easy for the user to consult historical data.
The tester can also be used to measure maximum, minimum and average values as well as relative measurements and it has an automatic switch-off function. 

How to take accurate grounding resistance measurements?

In order to take accurate grounding resistance measurements, simply drive two auxiliary rods into the ground 5 to 10 metres apart in line with the ground electrode to be measured.

If the resistance of the rods is too high, the IER-4000 will display a warning on the screen shown by a warning LED indicating that the resistive values are too high.
When it is difficult or impossible to drive in the auxiliary rods and/or to respect the measurement distances, the IER-4000 can measure the grounding resistance with only two wires. Simply connect the green wire to ground and the special red test lead for simplified measurements to a metal structure or to the company neutral. 


It has a very intuitive selection dial that is easy to operate and a large display for clear viewing, as well as an ground voltage measurement function. 

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