This digital meter is used to measure the quality of electrical insulation in cables, motors, transformers, etc., in new installations and during maintenance, both in basic and specialist categories. It also detects direct current, alternating current, and performs continuity checks. Designed and manufactured in compliance with the safety requirements established in the IEC61010-1 standards for electronic testing instruments.


Here are some of its main functions:
  • Insulation Problem Detection: The CIT-10 allows measuring the electrical resistance of insulation surrounding electrical conductors. Detecting unusually low resistance can alert to possible insulation problems, such as damage, moisture, or contamination, which could trigger short circuits or system failures.
  • Prevention of Electrical Discharges: Defective insulation poses a significant risk of electrical discharges for those working near electrical systems. The CIT-10 helps identify and address these issues before they become safety risks.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Conducting periodic insulation tests with CIT-10 allows identifying potential problems before they cause system failures. This facilitates preventive maintenance to ensure optimal operation and prolong the lifespan of electrical equipment.
  • Compliance with Regulations and Standards: In various industrial sectors, strict regulations and standards govern electrical safety. CIT-10 is essential for complying with these regulations and ensuring safe working environments.
  • Quality Assurance: During the manufacturing of electrical equipment or instruments, CIT-10 is used for quality testing. This ensures that products meet the required insulation specifications and function correctly.

In conclusion, the CIT-10 Insulation Tester is essential for ensuring the safety, reliability, and efficiency of electrical systems, in addition to complying with industrial standards and regulations. Its proper use helps prevent accidents, protect equipment, and maintain the integrity of electrical systems.


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