These devices are very important when using photovoltaic energy systems.
We will tell you why here:


  • Improved overall system performance
    Solar optimisers allow energy production to be maximised at the individual panel level. This means that even if any panels are affected by shade or underperforming as the result of dirt or damage, the overall system performance is not significantly affected. Solar optimisers are especially useful for systems that may be affected by partial shading, i.e. from nearby trees or structures and help to minimise energy production loss.

  •  Increased energy efficiency
    By ensuring that each panel operates at its maximum power point, the efficiency of the overall system is improved. This means that the energy available from the sun is made full use of, producing more electrical energy.

  • Longer system lifetime
    By maintaining balanced energy production between the panels and reducing the stress on the overall system, solar optimisers can help extend the lifetime of components such as inverters and solar panels.

  • Flexibility in system design
    Solar optimisers allow for a more flexible system design. This means that panels can be installed with different orientations, tilt angles and shading.

  • Increased expansion capabilities
    Solar optimisers make it easier to add additional panels without having to replace or upgrade the existing components.

In summary, the use of solar optimisers is essential to maximise energy production, improve the efficiency and reliability of PV systems and extend component life.

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