Anyone who does must be familiar with
the correct safety equipment

Here is a guide on when to use
insulating stools, slabs and mats or dielectric boots and overboots


Insulating stool, slabs and mats

These items are ideal for stationary work close to cables or high-voltage electrical equipment such as substations or high-voltage switchgear.

The item is placed on the floor or work area to create an insulating barrier between the worker and the electrically conductive ground.

These items reduce the risk of electric shock by preventing current from flowing through the human body.

Dielectric boots and overboots

These items are indispensable whenever there is a risk of electric shock to the lower extremities, such as when working near live electrical cables or conductors.

They are crucial for working on the move or in wet areas, as water increases the risk of electrical conduction.

The equipment is designed to provide electrical insulation for the feet and legs, preventing electrical current from being conducted through the body.


For safe insulation,
check our products

Remember that the equipment chosen depends on the task performed and the working environment.
In many cases a combination of both is required to guarantee a safe environment. 


580 ST
Indoor use 

580 STE
Outdoor use

580 ST-79 
Insulating slab

585 AD 
Insulating mat


715 OB1 
Class 1

715 OB2 
Class 2

715 OB3 
Class 3


715 DB2 
Class 2


715 DB3 
Class 3


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