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DC voltage detector with AC induced voltage indication / Optical & Acoustic

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Field of application: To be used in DC voltage electrical systems of up to 5000 DC, where there are adjacent AC systems of up to 25 kVA, not to be used in installations with only alternating current service voltage.
Working voltage range: Direct current: 500 V < Vtdc < 5000 V
AC induced voltage: 500 V < Vtac < 5000 V
Usage frequency: DIRECT current
ALTERNATING current 50-60 Hz
Operating Temperature: -25°C to 55°C
Humidity range: 20 to 96 %. Not apt for use in rainfall.
Indication of alert status: By means of high luminosity green LED light. There is no voltage or it is below the detection thresholds.
Voltage presence indication: Optical: fixed orange LED light when DC voltage presence.
Flashing red LED light when AC induced voltage presence.
Acoustic: Fixed buzzer when DC voltage presence. Alternated buzzer when AC voltage presence.
Battery: 9 V, type 6LR61.
Low battery indication by flashing green LED light and off when battery level is critical.
Ground cable: Extra flexible cable with silicon sheath and 6m length (possibility of other lengths at customer’s request).
Insulation pole: With universal head.
Self-checking: Full self-checking system with automatic disconnection after 2 minutes. WITHOUT DETECTION.
Automatic start-up: Automatic start-up system using detection of voltage (approx. 400 Vdc).
Electrode: Non-exchangeable. L type (without contact electrode extension).
Threshold voltage: Between 350 - 490 V

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