647 VTC-OA

DC voltage detector / Optical & Acoustic

Voltage range: 500V < Vt < 5000V
Usage frequency: DIRECT current
Operating temperature: -25°C to 55°C
Humidity Range: 20 to 96 %
Indication of alert status: Through high luminosity green LED.
There is no voltage or it is below the established detection threshold.
Indication of voltage presence: Optical/Acoustic indication through high luminosity red LED and high pressure acoustic buzzer*
Battery: 9v battery, type 6LR61
Low battery indication by flashing green LED, when battery level is critical green led is off.
Earthing cable: Extra flexible cable with silicon sheath and 6m long (possibility of other lengths at customer’s request)
Isulating pole: With universal head
Self-checking: Full self-checking system with automatic disconnection after two minutes WITHOUT DETECTION.
Automatic start-up: Automatic start-up system using detection of voltage (approx. 400V dc)
Electrode: Possibility of exchanging electrode
Threshold voltage: Threshold 1 - From 400 to 1000V: Red led
Threshold 2 - From 1000 to 1500V: Red and orange led

Ref. 346