658 ELBT-CC - 1
658 ELBT-CC - 2


Low voltage overhead lines


Short-circuit equipment for low voltage overhead lines. The main aim for its installation is operator’s protection against an accidental commissioning or possible voltage return during repair operations.
The PEBT clamp is installed on the bare conductor by leaning it on this one and pressing downwards.
The clamp mechanism guarantees a permanent and steady contact.

According to IEC 61230 standard.

Composed of:

  • 4 PEBT spring clamps with 70 cm poles for cylindrical conductors with diameter between 3 and 18 mm.
  • 3 copper cables with PVC insulation of 16 mm² section and 0.6 m long.
  • 1 nylon bag to store and transport the equipment.

Ref. 276
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