659 ECBT-MPUE - 1
659 ECBT-MPUE - 2


Low voltage electric panels


Earthing and short-circuit equipment for low voltage electric panels.
The main aim for its installation is operator’s protection against an accidental commissioning or possible voltage return during repair operations.
The MPUE clamps can be fixed on bare cylindrical conductors, flat bars, bending bus-bars or fixing points.
Each one has its own fixed handle.

According to IEC 61230 standard.

Composed of:

  • 4 MPUE aluminium alloy clamps with screw tighten and handle insulated grip.
  • 3 copper cables with PVC insulation of 35 mm2 section and 0.6 m long.
  • 1 copper cable with PVC insulation of 25 mm2 section and 2 m long.
  • 1 TT-38A milling earthing lathe.
  • 1 plastic case to store and transport the equipment.

Ref. 274
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